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If You're Not Posting Legal Documents On Your Websites
Such As Disclaimers, Terms of Use, Privacy Policies,
Compensation Disclosures, Purchase Agreements,
Software Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements,
Affiliate Disclosures, Testimonial Disclosures, And More,


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I knew I should have been protecting myself online, but I just wasn’t sure what to do. And I wasn’t keen on paying a lawyer thousands of dollars for some simple disclaimers. AutoWebLaw Pro laid it all out for me, step by step. All I had to do was type in some of my information and — presto — I got ready-to-go disclaimers and forms in seconds. I’ve already used it for my info products and my e-zines. I was especially happy to see disclaimer templates for newsletters. I’ll be recommending AutoWebLaw Pro to all my clients!

Alexandria K. Brown “The E-zine Queen”

AutoWebLaw has scoured the planet to find the best legal contracts to protect your business from being exposed to government agencies such as the FTC or info thieves. This is a “MUST” resource for any Net entrepreneur who wants to sell (or resell) ANYTHING online. The “Copyright” template alone is worth 10 times the price of the product!”

Alex Mandossian
Web traffic conversion strategist and
best-selling author of

These days you have to. But how? Your choice is to pay big bucks to an attorney who may or may not know what he or she is doing, or simply buy the right Legal Form Software to do it for you. THIS the right software … Get it NOW!

Dr. Joe Vitale
#1 Best-Selling Author – “Spiritual Marketing”
Featured in “The Secret”

In today’s lawsuit happy environment you have to protect yourself and buying all these legal documents would cost you at least $10,000. I know, because I’ve had to PAY for them in the past. Luckily I got your package and now I won’t be shelling out those big bucks anymore! This is one package NO Marketer can afford not to have!”

Terry Dean – Internet Marketing Coach

“You’ve come up with a real killer application that is simply a must have for anyone interested in protecting their intellectual Ass-sets. (full pun intended).

With Your Attorney taking care of the legalese and you making this whole disclaimer process “microwaveable”, this is a REAL WINNER! Put in some info, and ‘Pop’, out comes a full blown disclaimer! Simply incredible! Gotta go generate some disclaimers now! : – )”

Jo Han Mok

When I first heard about this product I first thought, (like most people will think now) “Ok, nice enough idea… Sounds interesting, but not something to get all excited about…”

Then just like that I’m standing in the middle as the FTC ‘shoots’ down a couple of my VERY CLOSE buddies, on either side of me, severely wounding their businesses AND their Lives!.

All of a sudden it doesn’t look so trivial anymore…

In fact, I personally told another friend of mine that very day, that if anyone is doing business online without the proper legal protection, they are certifiably INSANE, and the God’s honest truth is that I can’t think of any more efficient way to get that protection than with AutoWebLaw.

– Fast, Reliable and Ridiculously Affordable — (unlike having a lawyer do it :-)

But as usual, no one thinks that it’ll happen to them until it’s too late.

Fortunately my parents had always taught me that, ‘prevention’ is better than a cure.


Alex Sampson

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You’ve solved a HUGE problem for all online business people!

About six months ago I was the victim of an online thief who tried to clone one of my web sites and create his own ezine directory. We finally stopped him but it was expensive.

If I owned your product then I would have saved a bundle of time, aggravation and money. The funny thing is, the letter we ended up sending him is almost word for word the same as the letter in your excellent product! Believe me, that one letter cost way more than your entire product. I love this! I’m modifying my ezines and my web sites TODAY. Plus, I’ll be sharing this amazing resource with every ezine publisher I know. Great job!

Charlie Page

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